Dealers in fine violins, violas, cellos & double basses. We have a wide selection of fine string instruments for advanced, professional and student players.

Selling your instrument

We offer a service through which you can sell your instrument or bow. We charge 30% commission plus the cost of any work carried out to make sure your instrument is in full playing order.

Our ‘trade in’ policy

We can help you to find the right instrument for your child as they grow and become better players. If you buy from us and then later need to upgrade to a larger or higher standard of instrument, we will exchange it for 75% of the price you paid (less any damage and string costs which are assessed at the time of return). This often works out cheaper than renting.

Instruments made to order. Bespoke instruments can be made to your specific requirements. Please contact us to discuss.



We can provide valuation certificates for your insurance company. A verbal valuation is free, however we do charge £30 for a written valuation.


We undertake repairs and restoration work. Please contact us to arrange a time to bring your instrument or bow in for a quote.Sometimes the full extent of repairs needed can’t be seen from a visual inspection and further remedial work may be needed as the job progresses. In these cases, we will always contact you to discuss costs before we undertake the necessary work.

Bow rehairs

We take care to ensure that your bow is rehaired to your own requirements and record preferences so that subsequent rehairs can be carried out accordingly. We use quality Mongolian horse hair for all rehairs and cleaning of the stick and silver work is included. A postal rehair service is also available.



Violin £55

Viola £57.50

Cello £60

Double bass £70


Makers Quality Bridges
Violin 85
Viola £90
Cello £120
Double bass £175