testimonialThis time last year I had an absolute disaster before my final Cello recital at music college. Peter was fantastic and set up my Cello again in no time at all, and even had a further look at my instrument when he had finished, almost like an MOT! 🙂 Truly wonderful shop, homely, professional and fantastic for students too. Went home that day with a big smile and really appreciate how quickly Peter worked. Not often you go into a shop, play on an incredible in-store Cello for a couple of hours and then walk out. Thank you thank you. Oh… I got a first! 🙂
Alexandra Marshall

Peter has always been highly professional and skilled. Very good at given advice and making suggestions to difficult double bass players! ! Thanks Peter.
Vivienne Anne Cooling

Exceptional craftsman and extremely knowledgable and trustworthy. Peter Hall is the person to go to for all things strings in Yorkshire.
Alice Catherine Phelps

Very friendly and helpful. I now have the best violin I have ever played. Thank you Peter 🙂
Nicola Wright

Thanks Peter for fettling my fiddle last week! Just a few tweaks have made a big difference, thank you 🙂
Alice Stanley

Made a fantastic job of tweaking my viola, it’s been a joy to play this week.
Rachel Miller