Choosing the right violin shoulder rest

Choosing the right violin shoulder rest for you is very much a personal choice. In fact, not all violinists choose to use a shoulder rest (Itzhak Perlman is a famous example), but the majority do, and it is indeed recommended for beginners in order to promote good posture.

Comfort is always the watchword – the shoulder rest should fit the shape of your body and promote confidence with the instrument. No two designs of rest are identical, and which works best for you depends on your own neck and shoulder measurements. Some shoulder rests are curved, some have a slight S-shaped curve and others are relatively straight. The firmness of the foam as well as the flatness of the rest can also vary considerably.

Unless you have experience of using a particular brand, it is unwise to purchase a violin shoulder rest online! As experts we can help you ensure that you have the right fit, and you can test it with your own violin and be confident that you are happy with your purchase.

Price vary depending on whether the rest of wooden, plastic or even ultra lightweight carbon fibre. Some of the rests we currently have in stock, all of which are adjustable, are (from left to right in the picture):


This has very nice rubber fixings which fit onto the instrument and don’t damage it, with a good, firm foam. Slightly curved to fit the shoulder blade, and not too flat. Not too narrow. £17.99
Purchase the Everest here.


A traditionally shaped rest. Collapsible, slightly more curved and narrower than the Everest. £28
Purchase the Kun here.


Wider and flatter than the Everest and Kun, with a firmer foam. A slightly S shaped curve. £24
Purchase the Artino here.


Wooden for people wanting a traditional effect, although this doesn’t mean a compromise on weight as it’s very light. It also has a slight S-shape like the Artin0. £16.50
Purchase the MMX here.

Wolf – Forte Primo

A straight and quite flat rest, with a pronounced curve and noticeably wider than the other rests. £28.99
Purchase the Forte Primo here.

Wolf – Forte Secondo

Wider and flatter than the Primo with only a very slight curve. £28.99
Purchase the Forte Secondo here.